Meet Ella Rose

Hi y’all! I am Ella Rose!
I am a teenage entrepreneur from Southeast Missouri!

This Plournal that I designed is my very first product from Ella Rose Orginals – don’t worry I am already working on more fun hand-drawn designs.

I am a varsity cheerleader and like most other teenagers, I love hanging out with my friends! I am a complete social butterfly! I love love love people and music!

Another fun fact about me is that I’m actually left handed!! So to any of my fellow lefties out there, the whole idea of left-handed people having bad handwriting and not being good at artsy or creative things – wrong! I am proof it – lefties are creatives also!!! Everything from Ella Rose Originals is created by this leftie!

My family is big – I have four siblings, two dogs, two cats, and leopard gecko and two crazy awesome parents, so you could say our house can be a bit of a madhouse at times.

But one of the most important things about me is my love for planning and journaling – especially Bullet Journals. That is the reason that I am here today and how this all started. I LOVE to design pages in bullet journals and would spend hours creating unique designs.

When COVID- 19 hit my school got canceled and I had a lot of time on my hands. My mom and I decided this would be the perfect opportunity to see if could design a whole journal and share it with others – and volia! This 12 month hand-drawn bullet journal that I call a PLOURNAL !!

Thanks for reading about me and I hope you buy one for yourself and one for a friend!!

And hey go find me on social media – I hang out there alot – I mean hello I am teenager!!

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